Client Database

Enter and store your client’s information such as names, multiple addresses, phones, emails, contact personnel and their details,


Create and send instant estimates. When your client approves your estimate, convert to an invoice in seconds and request instant payment


Create and send instant invoices. An email will be sent to your client where they can open from anywhere, view, agree and pay by check, visa, MasterCard, amex or discover card. The client gets an instant receipt and the funds are put into your bank account.

No Processing Fees

When you invoice your clients and they make payment, somebody has to pay those transactions fees charged by the banks. You have an option to pass those fees to your client. For example. You invoice $100. Your client will see a convenience fee of $3.00 payable to USD GoPay. They pay $103.00. $100 goes to your bank account, $3.00 goes to USD GoPay. The client will see on their bank statement a single transaction of $103.00. Your company pays nothing for this transaction.

Tax Rates

USD GoPay has a built-in tax API. When you create an invoice and enter line items for your services, you can check a box if that line item is taxable. USD GoPay will use the SHIPPING ADDRESS to determine what the tax rate should be and apply it. For example, you can create an invoice with 10-line items, select 3 of those line items to charge tax and the program will automatically calculate the correct tax to charge your client.

Inventory Database

USD GoPay includes a mini inventory database that is growing with more features. You can create an inventory of your products, the cost, your selling price, upload an image, give descriptions, assign codes, default if it’s a taxable item. When creating an estimate or invoice, you can quickly select from your inventory database and it will add the product as an item, the cost to your client and tax rate if applicable.

Custom Templates

You can create custom templates that you may invoice often. For example, you may be a swimming pool contractor that offers the same maintenance service to many clients. You can create a template of this service, what you are doing for the client, what the cost is and you can create multiple line items. When you get a new customer to send an estimate or invoice, simply click the saved template and the estimate or invoice will pre-fill with all the services and costs saving you a lot of time.

Invoicing Options – Instant, Recurring, EFT

Instant Invoicing – If you need to send an instant invoice for anything, it really takes just seconds. Find your client in the database, enter the line items of what you are invoicing for or select from your saved templates, choose if you want to accept check only, credit card only or both check or credit card. Your client can be anywhere they get email. They simply take out their cell phone, view your email with the invoice details, they click to pay and its that simple. Your client does not need any special accounts such as PayPal, Zella, Venmo. They simply enter their checking or credit card information and make payment. After payment is made, you and your client will get an instant email of the paid receipt. USD GoPay will automatically create the payment entry into your program.

Recurring Invoice (AUTO TAKE) – You may have clients that you invoice monthly for the very same service. For example, you sell health club gym membership at $75 per month. Or a landscaper that charges $50 per month for cutting your lawn. You add your client, create a recurring invoice, itemize your charges, apply taxes if necessary, send your client an authorization form using the built in USD GoSign Signature program. Your client agrees to your terms, signs, enters their ACH or CC information and that’s it. The payment will process every month for as long as you want and it’s all automated. This is perfect for those clients that agree to have their payments processed automatically every month from their checking or credit card account.

Recurring Invoice (Standard) – This does the very same thing as Recurring Auto Take, with the only difference, your clients do not want the funds taken automatically every month. Instead, the program will generate all the month invoices and email them to your clients. Your client simply views, clicks and makes a payment.

EFT Invoicing – You might have a client you want to invoice for a set amount and then break up the payments into multiple installments. An example would be a furniture dealer sells a living room set for $8000 and want to setup up 10 EFT installments of $800 each. Your client can choose to have the payments auto debited by ACH or Credit Card.

SMS Texting

You can purchase your own phone number and use it within the program to text your clients.

Scan documents

Edit a client and scan any documents to their file.


Edit a client and make multiple notes that will store which employee made the note, the date and time stamp.

Calendar Scheduling

You can schedule appointments on your calendar and setup auto reminders to send text and or email yourself and the client.

Expenses and Ledgers

You can store all your payables and expenses. With every payment your client makes, it automatically updates your ledger tab and creates a receipt. Imagine you invoiced 1000 clients this month and today, 200 of your clients made a payment. Your ledger will auto update and show you in your reporting the total amount received and the taxes broken down by County for simple reporting.

USD GoPay Real Time Reporting

You can see in real time all your invoices that are outstanding, which are recurring auto take, recurring manual invoices, EFT and regular invoices. See instantly using the query tool which are scheduled to be paid and which were already paid. Quickly find the details of any payments and use the multiple search tools such as by client name, transaction ID and more.